Successmaker Help

SuccessMakerVisit the website below to get started.

  user name = student ID number + nb

  password = student ID number + nb


NBTSchools’ elementary and middle school students are using an online instructional resource from Pearson Digital entitled SuccessMaker. It serves as both a diagnostic tool, collecting information about areas of strength and potential growth, and a personal online tutor, constantly adapting and responding to individual needs.

We are pleased to provide students with access to this program from home and believe that these supplemental sessions will help prepare your child to do their best in class and on future assessments in math and language arts. Your child should begin using this program at home 2-3 times per week.

We strongly caution parents to resist the urge to assist their child while using the program as this will increase the level of difficulty and ultimately frustrate your son or daughter.

Before you start in SuccessMaker (SM), ensure your desktop or laptop meets or exceeds the system requirements .

To log on to the SuccessMaker Student Interface and launch an assignment :

1. Open your browser and go to (do not type “www”)

2. Click on the sign in button to access the Log In page. A short delay could follow your first logon attempt at home while SuccessMaker loads the required files. Subsequent logons should finish more quickly. If prompted, respond YES or OK or RUN to any JAVA requests.

3. On the Log In page, enter your Username (Student ID+nb – example 12345nb) and Password (Student ID+nb), and then click Log In.

4. Click your course's name on the Assignments page to launch the assignment.

**Should you encounter difficulty, we suggest you confirm you did not type “www” in the web address, verify your Java settings are current, and/or attempt to access the program with an alternate browser.**

To exit an assignment and log off the Student Interface :

1. Click the X (Close) to exit your course and preserve your session data.

2.  Click Yes when prompted, “Are you sure you want to quit?”

3. Click Log out on the Student Interface page to log off SuccessMaker.


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